Chris Papakirk




Chris is the founder of TOPOS Studio, and Principal Landscape Architect of the firm. Chris has been practicing landscape architecture and planning for over 24 years and has had a positive impact on the development of various places in the Miami Valley, and beyond. 

Chris has contributed to projects with the National Park Service, cities abroad, and much more. As a life long learner, Chris continues to seek and contribute knowledge for the betterment of the discipline to create a more enjoyable, and sustainable world. 

We are a small team of landscape architects and designers who have an overlapping passion for connecting people with place. Although our philosophies may appear very similar, the background of every team member is diverse, bringing a unique perspective, and skillset to every project. While TOPOS regularly teams with many allied professionals in the area and beyond, our key personnel are the heart of our organization. 


άνθρωποι (ánthro̱poi)

n. Gr. , "people"

Connecting People with Place